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— Laser hair removal salon in Prague

Special offer for the first visit:

Underarm - 1350 CZK
Bikini - 1350 CZK (2700 CZK)
Legs up to the knees - 1350 CZK (2900 CZK)
30% for other services
— Our advantages over other salons

    We have the most powerful and effective Primelase HR Excellence diode laser on the laser hair removal market


    Our team consists of the leading hair removal specialists in Prague. We work perfectly with all skin phototypes


    Some of the best prices for laser hair removal in Prague! Favorable offers for the most popular areas and the possibility of a discount for the first hair removal treatment

— What to expect from laser hair removal at Olala Studio?
  • 10-12 days after the first procedure
    Hair follicles that were in the active growth stage at the time of the first treatment are destroyed. This means that approximately 20% of hair will fall out of the treated area.
  • Halfway through the course
    The treated area will have significantly less hair and the new hair will grow finer and lighter. No more prickly stubble.
  • After all sessions have been completed
    New hairs practically do not grow, the skin is always smooth and soft to the touch. To maintain the result, 1-2 maintenance treatments per year are necessary.
— What the procedure with us guarantees
    1. Noticeable results after the first treatment!
    2. 15-30% of unwanted hair disappears from the treated area, even if it is sparse and light.
    3. There is no risk of burns. And not only sunburn: redness, itching, pain - none of this is expected, even if you have tanned or sensitive skin.
    4. Safe at any time of the year. Laser hair removal with us can be performed at any time of the year on any part of the body with any shade of hair.
  • Primelase HR Excellence is not a temporary solution to removing unwanted hair. It's an investment in smooth skin without stubble, irritation and ingrown hairs for virtually a lifetime!

— Price list for the sets

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Komplex UNA – Armpits / Bikini
4 500 Kč
Komplex DOS – Bikini / Calves / Knees
5 500 Kč
Komplex TRES – Armpits / Bikini / Calves / Knees
6 500 Kč

— Our specialists

  • Olha Ayala
    Founder of Olala Studio, master of laser hair removal with 5 years of experience
  • — Anna Kobielieva
    Master of laser hair removal with 3 years of experience

— Feedback from our clients

— Contacts and address
+420 731 518 151
Opletalova 27, Praha 1, 110 00
3. patro
Every day from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.